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Frequently Asked Questions

What is light opera?

We define light opera as staged shows which are primarily musical and have fewer than two intermissions.

What opportunities are available for those who are not Stanford students?

We invite those who are not studying at Stanford to audition for most of our shows, play in pit orchestras, work backstage, and attend most events. Leadership roles, however, are restricted to Stanford students.

I’ve never been in/worked on an opera before! How can I get involved?

Please reach out to us! We’d love to help you plan and practice your audition/understand the differences (and similarities) between opera and musical theater or concert performance. We occasionally hold audition workshops as well.

SLOCo 2018–19 Board


Chris Yoon is a studying Music and Computer Science. His first show with SLOCo was as Assistant Music Director of Don Giovanni. Most recently, he was the executive producer and music director of SLOCo's Phantom of the Opera. Chris enjoys collaborating with talented vocalists and instrumentalists to help build a burgeoning light opera community at Stanford.

InHae Yap is a senior majoring in Anthropology and pursuing a coterminal Master's in Art and Art History. She has played violin in the pit orchestra for multiple SLOCo productions, but was most recently Set Designer and Technical Director for last winter's Magic Flute. InHae first got hooked to all things opera at age 9, after seeing Rigoletto at the Metropolitan Opera. She continues to be intrigued by opera's ability to encompass a range of visual and performing arts, and looks forward to expanding appreciation for this wonderful multimedia art form across campus.

Financial Officer

Miles Petrie is a senior studying Economics and TAPS. He has performed in many SLOCo productions, most recently as The Phantom in Phantom of the Opera! This year marks his third year in a row serving as SLOCo's financial officer. He is incredibly grateful for the wonderful community of artists that SLOCo has provided him with!

Music Director

Jared Bitz is a senior majoring in mathematics. Since being dragged into theater by his roommate freshman year, he has played in pit orchestras and taken on various staff roles for many productions across campus - those with SLOCo include Don Giovanni and The Magic Flute. Outside of theater, he enjoys playing in the Stanford Wind Symphony, volunteering with Stanford Music + Mentorship, and section leading for CS 106A and B.

Technical Director

Andy Kao is a senior majoring in Theater and Performance studies. They have previously co-produced SLOCo's production of The Phantom of The Opera. They are passionate in collaborating with other students to build a strong talented technical theater community at Stanford.


Elise Most is a junior majoring in English and minoring in Film & Media Studies. She first became involved in theatre as associate producer and ASM on SLOCo’s The Phantom of the Opera, her favorite musical. Elise loves the SLOCo family and is beyond excited to work on future light opera productions!

Publicity/Outreach Coordinator

Cassidy McCleary is a sophomore studying English and Vocal Performance. She was introduced to SLOCo after performing as Carlotta in last spring's production of Phantom of the Opera and was hooked by the warm and welcoming SLOCo community. Cassidy is honored to be serving on the board with so many amazing fellow students who all love the arts as much as she does!

Community Manager

Sarah Chen is a sophomore with a prospective major of Science, Technology, and Society with a minor in Economics. She played the Second Lady in SLOCo’s 2017-2018 production of The Magic Flute. Sarah attended the Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana, California where she studied in the Classical Voice Conservatory. Outside of SLOCo, she enjoys hiking, backpacking, and exploring San Francisco. Sarah is passionate about SLOCo’s contributions towards the opera community at Stanford.


Garrick Fernandez is a senior studying at Stanford University. His first experience with SLOCo was working on projections for Candide/Trouble in Tahiti back when they were called the Savoyards. He splits his time between school, graphic design, and contributing to the theater community at Stanford.

General Board

Aitan Grossman is a senior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Economics. His first foray into SLOCo was with the cast of Ragtime, and he more recently served as vocal director of The Phantom of the Opera. Aitan also enjoys singing with the Stanford Fleet Street Singers, composing and playing the piano. He is honored to be on SLOCo's board this year.

Hannah Zimmerman is a rising sophomore majoring in public policy! She got her SLOCo start as the third lady in The Magic Flute, and is a vocalist with the Stanford Jazz Orchestra. Outside of music, she's really passionate about her home, Synergy, and political organizing.

Chloe Wintersteen is a junior pursuing a double major in American Studies and Theater & Performance Studies with a music performance certicate. SLOCo credits include Mother in Ragtime, Dater in Speed Dating Tonight, Mary in The Ballad of Baby Doe, and Star in The Wise Women. Additional Stanford Credits include Mary Sunshine in Chicago (Ram’s Head) and Jane Stanford in Gaieties 2016 (Ram’s Head). Chloe studies voice with Wendy Hillhouse, dances with TapTh@t, and is thrilled to be a part of the music community at Stanford!

Seth Chambers is a senior studying Classics in the Greek and Latin track. He recently participated in SLOCo's Phantom of the Opera as Gilles André and is excited to work as a board member for the 2018-2019 season. When he is not acting on stage, Seth can be found parsing Greek, watching comedies, or listening to the latest Sondheim show.

James Mayclin is a sophomore studying math and computer science and pursuing a certicate in music performance. He has performed in numerous productions with SLOCo and the Stanford Department of Music and is looking forward to performing the role of Frederick in Little Night Music this winter. James loves musical theatre and opera, but he is sad that all the bass roles tend to be vaguely misogynistic. He also enjoys singing in the Stanford Chamber Chorale under the direction of Dr. Stephen Sano and studies voice with Gregory Wait.

Cole Holderman is a Stanford Senior majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in "Communicating Disease." He has served with SLOCo as a choreographer for Phantom of the Opera and has danced/choreographed with Stanford's Chocolate Head Dance Band, Ballet Chicago, Festival Ballet Albuquerque, and the Dance Theater of the Southwest. When not choreographing, Cole can be found writing for the student outreach project HOPES, teaching health and nutrition classes, or working as a researcher in the Stanford Medical School.


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